13-Digit Barcoding


How To Complete the Application for an ISBN prefix


Company/Publisher Name: Generally, it is the name under which you will be publishing most of your titles. If you have a publishing d/b/a (doing business as) you should indicate that name here.  

Address: This is the editorial address for your firm or your main mailing address. If your local street address is a home address, you may opt not to have it published by indicating DO NOT PUBLISH. However, we MUST have ONE address for publication in our directories.  

Phone: Your firm's main telephone number should be listed here. If you are a self-publishing author and we need to get in touch with you regarding your application, it is best to provide a day phone. The number you provide will be published unless you clearly indicate that it is not for publication. For toll free numbers, please provide numeric characters only.  

Company Position: This is the name of your title or position in your firm (CEO, President, Publisher, Owner, etc.).  

ISBN Coordinator: This is the name and position of the person within your firm who will complete the application for ISBN assignment & be responsible for the assignment of ISBN numbers to your publications & completing title information forms.  

Division or Subsidiary of: Only indicate division or subsidiary of another company if it applies to your firm.  

Imprints: These are other names under which your firm is also publishing. For example, if the publishing company name is Fitness Publications that publishes a line of cookbooks for healthier living called FITNESS FOOD BOOKS, FITNESS FOOD BOOKS would be listed as an imprint of Fitness Publications.  

Payment: The service charge is the fee for our processing services. The service charge is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please ensure that you will in fact be publishing your own title(s) and that your publication requires an ISBN.

Processing Information: Processing time for an ISBN application is 10 business days (Saturdays and Sundays and holidays are not business days) from the date of our receipt of the completed form. This means that the application is inhouse for that length of time; ISBNs will be mailed to publishers after this processing period is completed.

Priority Processing: The ISBN Agency provides this service for an additional charge of $50 on top of the service charge. This is a three business day turnaround from the date of our receipt of the application.

Publishing Information:Indicate the type of product(s); be as specific as possible.  

Indicate year you started publishing: We only require the year you started publishing items and products that are within the scope of ISBN assignment. These are books, spoken word audios, videos, calendars, software, microfilm/microfiche, etc.

Distribution Information: Do not list retail stores & bookstores but firms that will be ordering from you for placement in bookstores & retail outlets.

Before you send in your application, be sure to have:

  • Completed the application for ISBN assignments in its entirety
  • Included the full account number & expiration date if paying by credit card. Indicate the amount for regular or priority processing.
  • Made checks/payments payable to: R.R. Bowker
* Note: Credit Cards are the preferred form of payment

YOUR EMAIL The email address will be used to send an acknowledgement upon receiving your electronic application.


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