The BowkerLink™ system provides publishers with an easy-to-use automated tool to update or add to their listings in Bowker’s databases. Publishers may also view and update their publisher contact information.
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For publishers and distributors seeking to update or add to title listings found in Books In Print, Global Books In Print, and the Publisher Authority Database
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For publishers seeking to update or add to serials title listings found in Ulrich's
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Copyrights Now CopyrightsNow™
CopyrightsNow simplifies copyright registration, protecting you against illegal copying, theft or plagiarism or your work. But you must register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office to fully enforce your rights.
ISBN-13 Transition Support ISBN-13 Transition Support
Learn more about the transition to the new 13-digit ISBN for publishers in the United States, and also about Bowker's conversion services.
Bowker Bar Code Service Bowker Bar Code Service
Your ISBN can be translated into a worldwide compatible bar code format. Bar code scanning is used in the U.S. by major bookstore chains for book publications and book-related items.
Bowker Publisher Services

Bowker Publisher Services
Whether you are publishing your first book or maintaining a backlist of thousands, Bowker is the premier resource for publishers. From our role as the U.S. ISBN Agency to the sophisticated forecasts and consulting abilities of Simba Information, Bowker provides the services you need to succeed.

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Apply for International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN), Standard Address Numbers (SAN), International Standard Music Numbers (ISMN).
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