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Cover Image Specifications
Cover Image Specifications

Please follow all directions carefully. No matter how you transmit your cover images -- by email, CD, or FTP -- they will need to be formatted correctly.

We can accept cover images in the following file formats: GIF, TIFF, or JPEG. The image must be no smaller than 400 pixels wide. The resolution should be no less than 72 dpi, but no more than 150 dpi (please do not send extremely high resolution scans, i.e., 300 dpi). The image must be a frontal cover scan (not the entire cover or a shot of the book with drop shadow; product shots will only be accepted in certain cases, such as multivolume sets). The image must be in RGB (do not send images in CMYK). The bit depth should be set no lower than 8.

Each scan needs to be a separate file, named by its ISBN with the file suffix (e.g., 12345689x.tif).

Due to the volume of cover submissions we receive, covers that are not properly named will not be processed.


Email:  Please send cover images to We can accept up to 10 image files at one time.

FTP Server:  If you wish to submit more than 10 image files, please contact us to set up an FTP account at

Mail:  Please send cover images on CD, floppy, or Zip disk to:

R. R. Bowker
Attn: Data Acquisition – Cover Images
630 Central Avenue
New Providence, NJ  07974

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