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ONIX Services for Publishers

Our Books In Print® database is distributed in various print and electronic formats to major booksellers such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Powell's Books and others. Your listings are automatically available to our extensive list of information-seeking and book-buying customers. This is a major benefit for publishers and is provided gratis.

Our optional Title Express service is available for distributing your listing information to booksellers identified by you, who may not be Books In Print® subscribers. We customize delivery of your listings per your instructions. For example, you may discover that a bookseller requires your title information in a unique format for their inventory. Your listings would be extracted from our database, converted to the proper format and delivered to the bookseller. The Title Express service is priced according to the number of titles you have listed in our database and how often you need your titles distributed.

Title Express services provide the following publisher benefits:

  1. It ensures we have their correct, accurate, current data in Books In Print® which is viewed by millions of potential book buyers through our various distribution channels.
  2. It allows the publisher to choose which vendors receive his/her data and when.
  3. It saves the publisher time by not having to send or input data information into multiple vendor systems.
  4. It provides the publisher with a converted standard file of his/her titles for them to use in internal systems or distribute on their own.

The Title Express service allows you to have your titles prepared and distributed by Bowker to booksellers of your choosing. Your listings must first exist in our database. Our free BowkerLink publisher access service is an easy way for publishers to add titles or make changes to their listings in our Books In Print® database. If you need to add or update many titles at once, however, you can also send batch updates in Excel, ASCII-delimited, and other formats. To inquire about sending batch update files, please contact our Data Acquisitions department (

Your listings can be formatted into ONIX, MARC21, or ASCII-delimited as required by your preferred recipient. Fees are based on the number of titles you have listed in our database and how frequently you need your titles distributed.

For further information about this service, or to place an order, contact our publisher services sales representative, Greg Loxton, at

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