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R.R. Bowker Confirmation and Statement of Use

Thank you for agreeing to supply R.R. Bowker ("Bowker") with your materials. This notice will serve as confirmation that either: (i) Bowker has received your materials; or (ii) you have successfully established an electronic data feed with Bowker for submission of materials; or (iii) you have authorized Bowker to download information from your Web site. Information and materials may include, but are not limited to, bibliographic records, inventory information, price information, cover images and book jackets, and annotations.

Bowker has designed and developed databases, computer programs and supporting data and content which are used to create various products, including without limitation electronic products, and to provide various services as part of Bowker's business including, without limitation, sale and distribution to Bowker’s customers under the name and mark "R.R. Bowker" (“Bowker Products”). By submitting your materials to Bowker or by authorizing Bowker to download your materials from your Web site, you are granting Bowker permission to include your materials in the Bowker Products. Bowker Products include, but are not limited to:

  • Bowker's print products; and
  • Bowker’s compact disc products containing Bowker databases; and
  • Bowker's web-based, online products known as™,®,™, or any other web-based product owned and operated by Bowker which contains all or part of any Bowker database; and
  • electronic data feeds of Bowker’s databases (or products containing all or part of any of Bowker's databases) distributed to and used by Bowker’s customers, both directly and via third party information distributors; and
  • databases made available as part of Bowker's electronic commerce ("EDI") services, Pubnet® and PubEasy®.

In consideration of the mutual benefits arising from the inclusion of your materials in the Bowker Products, you grant to Bowker in perpetuity the worldwide royalty free right, but not the obligation, to load and store your materials on Bowker's computer storage facilities; and to add your materials (including copies or modifications) to the Bowker Products and to make use of such Bowker Products and your materials for Bowker's business purposes including, without limitation, electronic distribution to Bowker's customers.

You agree that Bowker has the right to control the content and format of the Bowker Products and you agree that Bowker shall have the right to include materials provided by other materials providers in the Bowker Products along with your materials.

You represent and warrant that you have full power and authority to grant the rights granted to Bowker hereunder. You also represent that your materials, including all components of the materials, do not infringe upon any copyright, proprietary, privacy, publicity or other right of any third party and you are not aware of any infringement by any other person with respect to such rights.

By continuing to submit your materials to Bowker or by continuing to allow Bowker to download your materials from your Web site: 1) you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the terms, representations and warranties in this Confirmation and Statement of Use regarding the use of the materials supplied by you; 2) you grant Bowker permission to include your materials in the Bowker Products as described above; and 3) you represent that you have the authority to grant such permission on behalf of your company.

If you do not agree with all or part of this Confirmation and Statement of Use please contact Bowker’s Data Acquisitions Department immediately by phone at 888-269-5372, x-2261, or via email at

V.1 April 2004

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