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Q. What is BowkerLink?
A. The BowkerLink system provides publishers with an automated tool to update or add to their listings in Bowker’s Books In Print and Ulrich’s databases. Publishers may also view and update their publisher contact information.

Q. Why should I register with BowkerLink?
A. BowkerLink is a free, easy to use online access system that provides you with an automated tool to view, add or quickly update your listings in Books In Print and Ulrich’s. It is an interactive tool for publishers to maintain the most up-to-date listing in Books In Print and in Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory.

Q. I’m not in the United States, can I register?
A. Absolutely. Both Books In Print and Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory contain international listings of bibliographical and serials information.

Q. Is all of the information about my company that you have in your Books In Print and Ulrich’s databases in BowkerLink or, do I need to re-submit it?
A. There is no need to re-submit any information since BowkerLink is only a system used to view, add or update the information we have in our Books In Print and Ulrich’s databases.

Q. Is this absolutely free?
A. Listing in both Books In Print and Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory is absolutely free.

Q. I publish too many titles to fill out a form for each; can I send you a file instead?
A. Yes, there is an easy and effective way to update your title information. For Books In Print, please visit for guidelines on submitting bibliographic files electronically, or contact Stephanie Halpern at for more details. For Ulrich’s, you may submit an electronic file that includes basic journal information (contact us for specific details) via e-mail to; preferred formats are Microsoft Excel (.xls) or ASCII delimited.

Q. What do I do if I cannot find the answer to my question(s) in the FAQs?
A. For questions related specifically to Books In Print, please e-mail For questions related specifically to Ulrich’s, please e-mail at



Q. How do I register?
A. Simply follow these directions ...

  1. Go to the BowkerLink home page:
  2. From the home page click on Books In Print® or Ulrich's Periodicals Directory™ directly below CHOOSE A DATABASE (depending on the database you are trying to access).
  3. From the log in screen click on .
  4. Read the Statement of Use and click on I Agree if you wish to continue to register.
  5. On the next screen, you will need to type in your Publisher Name (note that entering the 1st word or two is sufficient and often more effective) and then click on the search button below the Publisher Name line (please follow the search examples). A list (or possibly just your company) will display. Click on your company to display the registration form.
  6. Fill in the registration form and submit it. You will receive back your password by e-mail (note it may take up to 3 business days to activate your password). If you do not receive an e-mail with your password within a reasonable time please e-mail us at or at

Q. What does the “RR Bowker Statement of Use” mean for my copyrighted material? (Do I give up the copyright of my publication?)
A. No. Below is a summary statement that may help explain the Statement of Use:

The Statement of Use defines the Bowker Products as Bowker's electronic products and services created from Bowker's databases, computer programs and supporting data and content that are sold and distributed under the name and mark R.R. Bowker. Examples of Bowker Products are listed in the Statement of Use.

By sending us your materials to be included in the Bowker Products, you agree that

1) Bowker has the right to control the content of the Bowker Products - that is, Bowker controls what content and materials are included in the Bowker Products (for example, bibliographic records, cover images, annotations, author bios) and

2) Bowker has the right to control the format of the Bowker Products - that is, Bowker controls the delivery medium and format in which the Bowker Products including your materials are distributed (for example, print, CD, online, electronic raw data) and

3) Bowker has the right to include other materials along with yours in the Bowker Products.

By agreeing to the Statement of Use, you are granting Bowker the right to include your materials in the Bowker Products and to distribute your materials as part of the Bowker Products.

Q. How do you confirm the registrant is the publisher?
A. The registrant is compared with the publisher and personnel information listed in our databases. If there is information in the registration form that conflicts with information in our Publisher Authority Database, the publisher is contacted to verify authorization.

Q. May I register additional users under our company?
A. Yes. You may register more than one user (up to five) when filling in the registration form. For those who have already registered and wish to add additional users, the account administrator may login to BowkerLink, click on My Account, then on Detailed Account Information and enter additional users there.

Q. I’m a distributor. Can I register in BowkerLink to update or add titles for publishers that I distribute for?
A. In order to view, update or add titles for a particular publisher you must register under that publisher. Distributors must request the publisher supply documentation permitting them access via BowkerLink to all of the publisher’s titles before we will activate their account.

Q. When registering, I enter my company name and click on search but no company names are shown. What’s wrong?
A. The name you searched was not found. Be sure you followed the search examples. If your personal name is used for the publisher name, try just entering your last name and searching it. For other names, try just searching the first word or two of your company name to see a list of companies. If you still do not find your company name, please contact us for help at or, depending on the database you are trying to access.

Q. On the registration page “Publisher Number (if known):” is asked for. What is this and do I need to enter it?
A. The Publisher Number is a random number assigned to your company by R.R. Bowker. Entering the Publisher Number is optional and should only be used if you were notified of the number and instructed to enter it. Otherwise, leave this space blank.

Q. I just registered however, when I try to log in with my username and password I get the following message: *** Access Denied: No verified company for this ID.*** What’s wrong?
A. You tried to log in before we activated your account. It may take up to 3 business days to do this. Please wait and try again. (Note: if it’s been longer than 3 business days please e-mail us at or, depending on the database you are trying to access).



Q: What types of computers are compatible with BowkerLink?
A: BowkerLink can be accessed with any IBM compatible or MAC compatible machine.

Q: What Internet Browsers are compatible with BowkerLink?
A: BowkerLink is compatible with all Internet Browsers, however, be sure your Browser is current. For Internet Explorer, the version should be 5.x or higher. For Netscape, the version should be 6.x or higher, both of which require Cookies be enabled.

Q: I am using a MAC computer with AOL as my Internet Browser. The text is small and difficult to read. How can I increase the text size?
A: There are 2 options that can increase your text size.

- If you are using Internet Explorer, you can choose VIEW, TEXT SIZE and then select LARGEST from within Internet Explorer

- If the above does not correct this, you will need to decrease your resolution on your monitor. Go into your CONTROL PANEL and select Monitors & Sound. For the monitor setting, decrease the resolution to either 800 x 600 or 640 x 480.



Q: When I login to BowkerLink and click on a link, I am returned to the Login Screen. Why does this happen?
A: BowkerLink requires that Cookies be activated. To activate your Cookies for your Internet Browser, follow the steps below:

1. For Internet Explorer 5.x
    a. Open Internet Explorer
    c. Click on the Security Tab at the top of the window
    d. Click on the CUSTOM LEVEL… button at the bottom
    e. Scroll through the listing until you see the heading Cookies
    f. Be sure you have ENABLED check under both options listed under Cookies
2. For Netscape 6.x
    a. Open Netscape
    b. Click on EDIT, PREFERENCES
    c. Double click on ADVANCED
    d. Select Cookies from the list and be sure there is an X in front of Enable All Cookies
3. For other Internet Browsers, you can still do the above, since many browsers use your Internet Explorer or Netscape settings.

Q. My Bowker login works for Books In Print, but not for Ulrich's - why?
A. Books In Print and Ulrich’s are separate databases and require unique usernames and passwords.



Q. Once I have my username and password, how do I update titles? Add titles? Check my publisher contact information?
A. Once your username and password are active go to the BowkerLink home page at and select Books In Print® or Ulrich's Periodicals Directory™ (depending on the database you are trying to access) directly below CHOOSE A DATABASE to get to the log in screen. Enter your username and password and select to access the Search Item screen. Here you can enter your search criteria for existing titles on our file or select ADD ITEM to add new titles. To update existing titles, enter one of the search criteria (ISBN, ISSN, title, etc.) and then press the Search button found below the criteria. Search results will be displayed for any matches found. To view one of the results, press the red arrow to the left of the item. The full record information will be displayed. On this screen you may apply updates. You must press Submit to save your updates. To add titles, select ADD ITEM found in the upper right half of the screen. You will receive a blank form to fill in. It is suggested you search the ISBN or ISSN prior to adding the new title to be sure we do not already have the information on file. Press Submit when you have entered all of the information for that title.

To check your publisher contact information, just click on your company name that appears as a blue hyperlink (the hyperlink is present once you log in). Your company information will then appear. You may submit updates to this information here. Note that not all of the information we track about your company currently appears on this screen.

Q. Where can I find the Advanced Book Information (ABI) form?
A. To add a new title click on the ADD ITEM link to get a blank form. This replaces the paper ABI form.

Q. When I log in to BowkerLink I find no titles listed under my publishing company however, I’ve had titles listed in Books In Print for years. What happened?
A. You should contact us via e-mail at concerning this. This may occur if you have registered under the parent company rather than the subdivision that the titles are published under.

Q. I added a new title in BowkerLink. How long will it take until it is in your database?
A. It usually takes 1-2 business days before new titles are added to our database once they are submitted to us via BowkerLink. Note that data issues may delay the addition of the title. In the case of data issues, an editor may contact you before the title is added. If you don’t see your title after 4-5 business days, please e-mail us concerning the title so we can check to see what may have happened (please include the ISBN or ISSN number and title in your e-mail).

Q. What is the PENDING link used for?
A. Once you have submitted (saved) your new titles or updates they will appear in pending. Here you may view the changes that have been submitted and, if you wish, make additional changes (you must click Submit to save the additional changes). Once the information has been added to our file the information will be removed from Pending. Your new titles or updates should appear in BowkerLink within 24 hours after they are removed from Pending.

Q. Is adding a title in BowkerLink the same as sending you a paper ABI (Advance Book Information form)? Do I still need to send the ABI form?
A. You no longer should send us paper ABIs if you are submitting your new titles in BowkerLink.

Q. How do I delete a title?
A. You cannot delete a title using BowkerLink. We also do not generally delete information from our file. If the title is out-of-print, you may indicate that by updating the Status field in the record. If you wish to delete a title for some other reason, please e-mail us at or and advise us why you would like to delete a certain title.

Q. Can I generate a list of our Books In Print titles from BowkerLink for my company?
A. You may print off a list of your ISBNs and titles from your screen however, there is not an option available to print a checklist like those previously sent out by us. You may view a list of your ISBNs and titles by clicking on Search button below the search criteria (leave the criteria blank).

Q. I would like to change the subject classification for one of my titles in Books In Print however, I don’t see any place where I can update that information. What should I do?
A. Please e-mail us your request at An editor will review your request and make updates to the record as necessary. You cannot update subject classifications in BowkerLink (you may only add them for new titles).

Q. Can I list more information than what is available on BowkerLink for my serial titles?
A. You can provide more information using the Additional Comments field at the bottom of the BowkerLink updating page or contact us directly at

Q. How do I submit a cover image of my title to you?
A. You may upload cover images in BowkerLink or submit them to us via e-mail, CD or ftp. To submit images in BowkerLink you must first search for the ISBN(s) you wish to add images to. Once the information for the ISBN(s) appears in the Search Results simply click on the red arrow on the same row as the ISBN under the heading Upload Image. From the next screen you will select the file you wish to upload by clicking on Browse and selecting your file. For cover image specifications and other methods of sending images, please see



Q. I submitted changes to my publishing company information in BowkerLink. How long will it take until it is in your database?
A. It usually takes 3 business days however, this information is researched and updated by an editor and data issues may cause this to take longer. In the case of data issues, an editor may contact you before the information is updated. Please note also that we may not update some information because of the nature of our database. If you have questions concerning these types of items, please e-mail us at

Q. How can I update the publisher contact information?
A. Please contact us at or with the updated information and the changes will be made by one of our editors.

Q. How do I enter/update the discount information in my publisher information?
A. The discount information provided must have a Start Range, End Range and the percentage of the discount. Please see the example following.


Entity Type Mix Basis Order Type
Bookstores Normal Books Quantity Returnable


Range Start Range End Discount
5 (books) 10 (books) 20% (off)
11(books) 20 (books) 30% (off)
21(books) or more 40% (off)


Bowker Copyright © 2019 R.R. Bowker LLC. All rights reserved. BowkerLink™ and the BowkerLink logo are trademarks of R.R. Bowker LLC.  Please view our Statement of Use.