Receive your ISBNs and request   
  your Bar Code files in one easy step.  

Bowker offers Bar Code service for publishers interested in making their books available for retail sale through standard transaction channels: retail bookstores and chains; online bookstores; wholesalers; and distributors. All of these channels require a standard bar code of your ISBN and EAN in order to process the sale of your books.

Use Bowker's Bar Code service to:
  • Save time and effort in acquiring bar codes with electronic "one stop shopping."
  • Receive uniformly accepted bar code files of the highest quality.
  • Acquire the new EAN-13 bar codes! The book industry now recommends the ISBN-13 to be displayed above the bar code.
  • Learn how and where to use your bar codes.

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You may also need to apply for a SAN (Standard Address Number), which is a required identifier for electronic order tracking through most retailers and wholesalers. This number eliminates errors in shipping and receiving and streamlines electronic order processing in all steps of the supply chain. If you intend to do business with vendors who use electronic ordering, or if you would like to make your titles available through Pubnet or PubEasy you will need a SAN. Learn more at:

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